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The Law Office of Sesha Kalapatapu handles complex commercial and general civil matters for any client with a need for high quality, flexible and affordable representation.  Mr. Kalapatapu is an advocate who understands that the practice of law requires an equal mix of depth of legal knowledge, practical skills, fearlessness and common sense.  Mr. Kalapatapu's extensive experience makes him well suited to prosecute and defend individuals and businesses involved in litigation that intersects contract, civil tort and criminal liability.  No case is too big (or small), and no challenge is too intimidating for him to handle. 

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We live in a time where too many legal matters exhaust a client's financial resources, if not their faith in the judicial process.  In his practice, Mr. Kalapatapu does not allow a case to stagnate due to antiquated methods of preparing for settlement or trial.   Every dispute requires the personal focus and attention of the lead attorney.  An early understanding of the client's business and a nuanced attention to detail, from start to finish, allow each case to be prepared to the fullest extent necessary.  This approach results in an effective, coherent and cost effective strategy for clients, on every matter.

Law Office of Sesha Kalapatapu * 1001 Texas Ave. * Suite 1400 #133 * Houston * Texas * 77002

Phone: 832.398.1771 * Fax: 713.574.4719

Mr. Kalapatapu is not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.